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Edinburgh Castle a famous historical site in Scotland reopens after months of shutdown

Edinburgh Castle
Photo Credit: Twitter (IANS)
Edinburgh Castle
Photo Credit: Twitter (IANS)

The Edinburgh Castle, one of the top tourist destination in Scotland has reopened after months of shutdown. The Castle was closed in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However the decision to reopen the castle will certainly spread some positivity around. The online booking of tickets have started, but contrary to all the assumption about no public visit, the first weekend has completely sold out.

Not only Edinburgh Castle but also Stirling Castle and Urquhart Castle will be reopening this weekend. However only 1000 people will be able to pay a visit to this historical place rather than 10,000 a day.


The Castle has reopened with certain rule and restrictions. People will only be able to see the castle’s external places with one-way system being put in place.

Edinburgh Castle’s Executive Manager, Nick Finnigan said to BBC, “This is the longest Edinburgh Castle has been closed since World War Two  and I hope it never happens again. I didn’t reckon it would be closed for this long. It is the biggest challenge I’ve had in my almost 10 years in my role. I’m excited we are open as it sends a message that Edinburgh is open for business again”.

The iconic place connects the present with the past. The unheard tales about soldiers, kings and queens can be learnt by just paying a visit. The rich and captivating history of the castle is sure to make anyone visit the place. A home to Kings and Queens, the castle gives you an opportunity to know about them and their thought process.

The highlights of the castle are, The Great Hall, The Royal Palace, At. Margaret’s Chapel, National War Museum, Prisons Of War, Regimental Museums, Scottish National War Memorial.

Last year more than 2,111,578 people paid their visit to the Edinburgh Castle, and recorded an increase of 2% as compared to 2018. However, this year the first quarter is spoilt because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Edinburgh Castle went on a shutdown in March due to Covid-19 lockdown. 18, 645 people are effected from the Covid-19 virus, while 4,138 have recovered.



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