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Why Edge vs Randy Orton should Main Event Wrestlemania 36?

Edge vs Randy Orton

The 36th Annual Wrestlemania is just 24 days away and we have some good potential Match cards confirmed.

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Wrestlemania is undoubtedly the most successful and the longest running  professional wrestling event in History. “The Grandest Stage Of Them All” was first held in Madison Square Garden, New York City in the year 1985. Till then they have produced 35 editions of the show. This year the stage has travelled to Tampa, Florida and will be hosted at the Raymond James Stadium.

Many championship matches and single matches are confirmed for the mega event including the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar(c) and Drew McIntyre, WWE Championship Match between Goldberg(c) and Roman Reigns, Raw Women’s Championship Match between Becky Lynch(c) and Shayna Baszler etc. But there’s one singles match in the cards which has more potential to main event this year’s Wrestlemania and that is Edge vs Randy Orton.

You heard me right. The Rated R superstar is back from retirement. He had to take an early retirement from Professional wrestling in 2011 due to a career ending Neck injury. But after a gap of 9 long years, he made a return to the square ring in this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. There’s been rumours for months but when the theme song of Edge “You think you know me” played and Edge entered as the 21st entrant in the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match, people went mad and honestly that pop gave everyone chills till now. In that same match he confronted with some new and old faces, in which there is a great dream match people always wanted to see like Edge vs AJ Styles. Later in the match he alliances with his former tag team partner Randy Orton to eliminate the other superstars. But we all know how Randy plays. He can never be trusted in the ring and that same thing happened with Edge as he himself eliminated Randy by throwing him over the top roop.

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Next night at RAW after Royal Rumble, Randy Orton came to the ring and addresses the events that took place last night and calls out Edge with a happy face to have a bit of a conversation. As soon as Edge came to the ring and shared a hug with Randy. They had a little conversation and suddenly the viper strikes. Edge got brutally attacked by him and was beaten by a steel chair on the same spot where he got an injury last time, his neck. Later, Randy leaves the ring with the body of Edge lying there unconsciously. Doctors took him to the nearby medical facility, where he was adviced to take some days rest from wrestling.

Randy was asked by many like Matt Hardy and Kevin Owens that why did he did that? But he never gave a proper answer to anyone and even attacked everyone. Last week when Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix came to RAW to give an update about Edge’s health. Randy showed up to the ring and confronted Beth. He said he did all of that for Edge, for her and for their Kids. But Beth doesn’t liked that answer and also his attitude so she slapped him for his deeds angrily. Randy turned up and said something unlikely and get a kick in the stomach from Beth. But the Viper is known for his RKO’S Outta Nowhere. He RKO’ed Beth and leaves the ring with immense anger and frustration. Later that week, WWE made an announcement that Edge is coming to RAW this week to give Randy his words.

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In this week’s RAW, when MVP came out to the ring and was addressing the wrestling business that Edge is not focusing on and also said he was busy fighting for the wrong reason. Then we saw a car arriving at the venue and an angry Edge was in it. Edge quickly rushes to the ring, grabbed the mic from MVP and calls out Randy. He was massively disturbed by the things Randy did to his friends and Wife in the past weeks. MVP continued his trash talking, which resulted in him getting a spear from Edge. As soon as Edge delivered his Spear, Randy appeared in the ring and attacked him from behind. He tries to gave an RKO Outta Nowhere but failed. Instead Edge gave him a taste of his own medicine with his modified RKO. Edge brings out two steel chairs to the ring but Randy successfully escaped the ring. Then Edge ran after him to the backstage.


Before anything, let me clear you that Main event is the last match of the show and that match is advertised as the highlight of the event. Generally and mostly a Championship match was scheduled for the main event but sometime a non-titular match also make it to the main event. The last singles match that main evented Wrestlemania was The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns in 2017. That was completely a slow paced, uninteresting and lazy match that no one liked.
But why Edge vs Randy Orton must main event this year’s Wrestlemania.

WWE is an entertainment company where they create a storyline according to which wrestlers did their job. This storyline that Edge and Randy is following is undoubtedly the best thing happening in WWE right now. The scripting is good, the execution is well, the outcomes were liked. Everything is going just according to WWE plan.


Since 2011 when he retired, he then never wrestled in a singles match and giving the Superstar his ultimate Wrestlemania moment will definitely makes the fans & the wrestler happy.


I agree there are some good matches scheduled for the event but the results are very predictable of every match. That might not make this Wrestlemania a memorable one. This match has the capability to surprise the WWE Universe.


Let’s admit one thing here, we all screamed, laughed, cheered, cried when we heard that music at Royal Rumble. As a professional wrestling fan we all loved that moment when we get to see a retired wrestler coming back to the place where he/she workship. Edge’s return did the same for many of us. The people have waited 9 years for this moment, so giving them this will eventually market WWE stacks up.

Let’s see what WWE is planning to do this time. And it will be interesting to see the attendance of this year’s Wrestlemania because of the pandemic disease.



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