LifestyleEaster Island: The most remote and famous island in the world

Easter Island: The most remote and famous island in the world

Easter Island
Source: ESA
Satellite Image of Easter Island captured on 7 April 2019

Located in the Pacific Ocean, over 3500km off the west coast of South America, this is the most remote island but also at the same time a famous island in the world better known as the “Easter Island“. The original inhabitants of this Chilean island calls it Rapa Nui. The island got its current name the day Europeans arrived here in the 1700s on an Easter Sunday.

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This Polynesian volcanic island is famous for its archeological sites including its 900  monumental statues which are called Moai.
Moais are monolithic statues which were carved in relatively flat planes. Moai honours the memory of the inhabitants’ ancestors. They were carved between the years 1250 and 1500 by the Rapa Nui People.

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The majority of the island’s inhabitants live in Hanga Roa, the main town and harbour on the west coast. The island is 163.6 km² in area and has 7,750 population.
Interesting Fact: The long runway of the island’s only airport “Airport Mataveri” which was once designated as an emergency landing site for the US space shuttle.

In ancient times, it is said that there was a lot of vegetation on the island. However, the land for cultivation and the Polynesian rat played a big role in deforestation, leading to the soil erosion particularly in the east. Several reforestation projects have been attempted, including a eucalyptus plantation in the middle of the island.

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This island attracts most of the tourists for its mysterious history and isolated position. The northeast coast of the island has two known beaches, Anakena beach which has white, coral sands. The other smaller Ovahe beach is surrounded by cliffs and has pink sand.
Other places to visit in the island are
Ahu Tongariki
• Rano Raraku
• Rano Kau
• Orongo
• Rapa Nui National Park
• Tahai
• Ahu Akivi
• Terevaka and more

You can travel to Easter Island through Chile. The only airline that flies there is LATAM. Easter Island is one of the most safest place to travel to in the world.


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