Home News Entertainment As Earthquake hits Delhi for the third time, memes flow in

As Earthquake hits Delhi for the third time, memes flow in

Image credit- Britanica

Delhi- Earthquake of Magnitude 3.4 on richtar scale were felt in parts National Capital, Delhi on Sunday afternoon.

Image credit- Britanica

The 2020 is turning out worse with each passing day. Not only Coronavirus, but the country is dealing with many other things such as recession in the economy, unemployment and now earthquake. Tremors were felt in parts of Delhi on Sunday Afternoon. According to National Centre of Seismology the earthquake measured 3.4 magnitude on Richtar scale, and had an epicenter in Wazirpur, NorthEast Delhi.

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “Tremors felt in Delhi, praying for everyone’s safety”.

Till now no casualties or loss of property has been reported. But the biggest concern is , although mild but Delhi has witnessed its third earthquake amidst Coronavirus lockdown. Consecutive earthquake was witnessed on the same location in April. On April 13, a moderate intensity earthquake of magnitude 3.5 was felt and on the very next day, an earthquake of 2.7 shook some parts of Delhi.

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Of the four seismic zones in the country – Zone II, III, IV, V – Delhi falls under ‘Zone IV’. “Of these, Zone V is seismically the most active region, while zone II is the least,” says a release on country’s seismic zones by the Ministry of Earth Science.

A curse for one is a blessing for another. As earthquake hits Delhi memes creators got an opportunity to create some hilarious memes which will bring a smile on your face, during these tough times.

Situation of people living in Delhi, be like:

When earthquake hits third time in Delhi NCR, people living in Delhi be like:

People living in Delhi talking to nature be like:



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