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BTS sets new World Record with Dynamite MV, reaches 1M likes in just few minutes

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Dynamite MV There’s again a feather on the cap of BTS and Big Hit Entertainment. Their latest Dynamite MV has set a new World Record and this time it seems the record will be unbreakable. The Dynamite music video becomes the fastest video to reach 1M likes on YouTube.

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The love for BTS was clearly visible when the army kept on hitting the like button even before the release of the song. Everytime the BTS member come on the screen, they shatter all the records and sets a new one.

The record was earlier held by Indian YouTuber Carryminati. His video ‘Stop Making Assumptions’ reached this milestone within 47 minutes of the release. But BTS and their craze is on a different league. At exactly 9:28Am IST the music video crossed 1M likes, at 9:40AM IST the video has 5.5 Million views.


This is a clear indication of how the team has become a global force. Army’s across the world were all set to help BTS in achieving this feat and indeed they did.

The music video is very vibrant where you can see the boys killing with their dance moves. During these unprecedented times, the new single is sure to give you party and disco vibes. The mv depicts how one should cherish the ordinary things to make the life extraordinary.



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