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BTS Dynamite MV originally gained 101.1M views in first 24 hours: Latest reports

Dynamite MV

According to latest reports, the Korean Boy Band BTS has created history yesterday. The Dynamite MV which released on August 21, originally gained 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours of release, not 98.29M views.

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As most of you already know that, Dynamite MV has surpassed the previous record of most viewed video in first 24 hours on YouTube (Boy With Luv) within a day. And after doing that, they established themselves as the new list Toppers but as per those reports, the MV also becomes the first ever video on YouTube to reach 100M views on the day of release.

Dynamite MV has currently 156.20 million views in just 2 days with over 13 million likes on YouTube. In India, the video is trending at No. 4 while in South Korea it is still at No. 1 position on the YouTube trending list. Day after day, the song is breaking several world records. And if you haven’t watched the MV, watch it from here.


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