NewsDuckDuckGo Restored in India, Accessible to Users Now

DuckDuckGo Restored in India, Accessible to Users Now

DuckDuckGo Restored in India

There is a good news for the privacy concerned users as DuckDuckGo has tweeted about the restoration of their search engine. On July 2nd, Internet Freedom Foundation had written about the inaccessibilty of DuckDuckGo to the Department of Telecommunications, India.

In response, major ISPs unblocked the search engine and people started using it as usual. But still, Vodafone and ACT Fibernet users are complaining about the inaccessibilty of privacy concerned search engine, Duck Duck Go.

As of now, company has told about the broad restoration of their services in India. It also thanked the users for reporting the issue. And suggested the users to report the issue to Internet Freedom Foundation if their service is inaccessible to them.

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Problem with DuckDuckGo Before Restoration

Earlier, Indian users had reported about the non-functioning of their search engine. Most of the users were JIO and AirTel subscribers. These users had reported the issue in bulk. Company has taken the reports into consideration and let the people know about it, by a tweet. Later on, company had given a temporary solution to fix the issue in following tweet.

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