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DuckDuckGo Not Accessible by Indian Users, Possibly Blocked by ISPs

DuckDuckGo inaccessible to Indian users

DuckDuckGo is a rising search engine. It was claimed to be safer than other search engines. It has it’s headquarter at US. It was too popular among privacy concerned users. But now it is not accessible to many Indian users.

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Why DuckDuckGo is inaccessible ?

It is not creating problem for every users, some of the users are still getting the access to But the major users of JIO and AirTel are unable to access the website. Most possibly, ISPs might have blocked the access to the website of this search engine. When users try to open the website, they get a message :

This site can’t be reached’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

Privacy concerned company considered the issue and let the users know about it, by a tweet. Later on, company posted a temporary solution to counter the issue.

This search engine also has a Web Browser in Playstore. When app is searched on Playstore, it is available for the download. Websites are working fine, on the browser. But their browser also failed to open the website of this search engine.

Some users are able to open the website, when visited through the search results. But same users are unable to open the website by entering the URL address.

Before this, Jio users have witnessed the inaccessibility to Telegram’s website. From this, it can be concluded that ISPs are blocking the website of privacy concerned companies.

When fake/scam websites are running openly on Internet, ISPs are not taking strict action against them. But using their time in blocking the websites of privacy concerned companies. Till now, Telecom operators haven’t made any update regarding the issue.

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