NewsNationalDST approved the use of antiviral nano coatings on anti Covid-19 masks.

DST approved the use of antiviral nano coatings on anti Covid-19 masks.

DST approved antiviral Nano Coating Masks
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Recently, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has approved the use of antiviral nano-coatings on anti Covid-19 masks.

These coatings have been approved for Triple Layer Medical masks and N-95 respirator, as a part of the Mission on Nano Science and Technology (MNST or commonly known as Nano Mission).

The antiviral nano-coating has been developed using N9 blue silver which will be modified to form nano complexes with Zinc (Zn, atomic number-30) compounds to achieve a synergistic effect.

Subsequently, it will be applied as coatings on facemasks and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs).

Nano-coatings have 99.99% effectiveness and these can work on multiple levels at the same time like antiviral, bacterial and fungal and self-cleaning.

These can be applied to various surfaces such as glass, metal, stone, textiles and plastics by spraying or dipping.

After the evaluation of shelf life of the coatings and their efficacy under different conditions such as temperature, humidity and time, the masks and PPEs will be prepared and provided to the medical workers for field trials.

The use of highly effective antimicrobial nanoparticles on masks, PPEs, etc is a useful application an extra layer of protection for the high risk settings, such as for the medical workers.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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