DefenceDRDO successfully test-fires QRSAM once again with live warhead

DRDO successfully test-fires QRSAM once again with live warhead

Drdo successfully test fires qrsam today

India today once again test-fires Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) with live warhead from Integrated Test Range (ITR) Odhisa.

The missile systems secured a confirm kill on Banshee pilotless target during the trial. Two Back to back successful tests of Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile by DRDO.

First launch test on 13th November proved the Radar and Missile capabilities with direct hit while today’s test demonstrated the warhead performance on proximity detection.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulates DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) on the successful test of QRSAM.

The missile can be mounted on a truck and stored in a canister based launchers and it is powered by single stage solid-fuel propellant. It has a range of 25–30 km and can neutralise the target at an altitude of 6 KM.

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QRSAM is equipped with a mid-course inertial navigation system with a two-way data link and a DRDO-developed terminal active seeker. The system has the capability to search and track targets while moving.

The weapon system elements have been realized through Defence PSUs BEL, BDL and private industry L&T. The missile system is fully indigenous with active RF Seekers, Electro Mechanical Actuation (EMA) systems sourced from various industries.

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