DefenceDRDO designed 5.56×30mm Carbines completed user trials, ready for induction

DRDO designed 5.56×30mm Carbines completed user trials, ready for induction

Joint venture protective carbines completed user trials
Photo:- DRDO

Defence Research and Development Organsiation (DRDO) designed 5.56×30 mm Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC) has successfully completed User trials on 7th December 2020 meeting all parameters.

This was the last series of trials, which have been carried out in extreme temperature conditions in summer and high altitudes in winter.

JVPC has successfully met the criteria of reliability and accuracy in trials conducted, this has paved the way for induction into the services.

Currently, the paramilitary forces in India facing acute shortage of carbines and forced to use assault rifles even in close combat operations. Because Assault rifles use powerful rounds for enhanced range, it compromises on recoil and stability.

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While on the other hand the carbines use smaller caliber rounds, it provides less recoil and stability during rapid firing in shorter range perfect for concealed area operations. It can be fired through single-hand.

Joint Venture Protective Carbines Features

JVPC is a Gas Operated Semi Bull-pup automatic weapon having rate of fire more than 700 rounds per minute. The effective range of the carbine is more than 100 m and weighs about 3.0 kg.

With key features like high reliability, low recoil, retractable Butt, ergonomic design, single hand firing capability, and multiple Picatinny rails etc, this carbine will be used for Counter Insurgency, Counter Terrorism operations by security agencies.

The production of carbines is under progress from Ordnance Factories and major private companies.

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