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Divine vs Emiway: Diss War started again in India

Last night Divine uploaded a new video or you can say a diss track called “Chaabi Wala Bandar” which clearly indicates the start of the Diss War between him and Emiway Bantai.

Divine vs Emiway
Divine and Emiway Bantai

Divine and Emiway Bantai, both are famous Hip-hop artist of India. Both have made a name for themselves in the music industry. But due to some misunderstandings and personal problems, these singers have brought the “diss” culture in Indian Hip-hop back.

A Diss track is a song whose purpose is to attack anyone verbally. Generally Artist diss each other when they get into any feud. This Divine and Emiway scene, started back in 2018 with Raftaar.

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In October, 2018 Emiway put out a song called “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya” in which he dissed Raftaar, Divine and MC Stan. Later Raftaar released a song “Sheikh Chilli” in order to give a reply to Emiway, for his false accusations. The diss war lasted for a month and two. Later all the artists silenced that matter and moved on.

Krsna, Raftaar and Emiway
Krsna, Raftaar and Emiway

Recently the feud reignited but this time a new face was a reason for that. Krsna, a hip-hop artist who released a song, a month ago which contained some negative words for Emiway. The scene got more personal when Emiway got to know the involvement of Raftaar in Krsna’s song. Raftaar in a live session admitted that “he produced the beats that Krsna used in his songs to diss Emiway“. But those beats were made initially for other purpose, krsna used it according to his liking said Raftaar.

Divine’s part is little different here. Couple days back in a live session, he was interacting with his followers. There someone asked him about his stream counts, in which he replied that his last album has 80M streams on the music streaming platforms. He further elaborated that YouTube views and music streams are different things.

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Later in the session, he indirectly targeted Emiway and said that he’s not a musician, he is a YouTuber. This statement started the diss war between them. Emiway take it one step forward by putting out a song called “Hard” where he clarified the claims thrown at him.

Diss tracks are explicit. Artist several time went personal in these tracks and that’s exactly what happened here also. Divine last night uploaded a song named “Chaabi Wala Bandar” which showed him telling about his problems with the way Emiway is running the Hip-hop scenes in India. He pointed out several faults in Emiway’s style of making music. Currently the video has 891K views with 167K likes and 18K dislikes.

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The only good thing we found in these diss tracks last year was the level of creativity artist put in the songs. But diss culture is not good for the music industry we have to remember that. Fans are requesting every artist to stop this war of hatred and make original art music which they all can enjoy collectively. Let’s see what next in this “Diss War“.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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