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How much destruction has Cyclone Amphan caused in West Bengal ?

Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan has caused a damage of more than $13.2 Billion in West Bengal.

Cyclone Amphan

When the Coronavirus was not enough, the nature gave us one more challenge to deal with. The City of Joy has been completed left devastated by the Cyclone Amphan. The Cyclone has left many homeless, caused a big damage to public and private property and has taken away many lives. The Cyclone has killed more than 84 people in West Bengal. West Bengal has been badly effected by the cyclone. Heavy rainfall accompanied with fierce windspeed has uprooted trees, destroyed the electrical polls and caused many more damages.

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Seeing the destruction caused by the cyclone, CM Mamta Banerjee has appealed to the Railway Ministry to stop sending Shramik Special Trains till May 26. According to West Bengal government more than 60% of the population is badly effected by the Cyclonic Storm. This is the first time in 100 years that such a severe cyclonic storm arrived and caused so much damage in West Bengal.

The cyclone caused property damage of more than $13.2 Billion in West Bengal itself. While people are still living without electricity, telephone communication and drinking water. The outskirts of the main city is badly effected. Three districts of West Bengal North and South 24 Parganas and East Midnapy were worst hit area. People living in mud houses are left with nothing. CM Mamta Banerjee said, “the state needs to begin again from scratch”.

On Friday along with CM Mamta Banerjee Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an aerial survey to estimate the damage caused by the cyclone and announced a relief package of $132 million to the people who are badly effected by the cyclone and direct payments to those who lost family members or were injured. The Centre also has announced a package of 500 Cr for Odisha.

The people of Bengal have shown their disappointment towards the rest of India for not giving proper coverage to Bengal and not standing by them, when it was needed.



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