NewsNationalDelhi on alert as swarm of locusts attack rest of India

Delhi on alert as swarm of locusts attack rest of India

New Delhi– After a swarm of desert locusts were seen in Jaipur on Monday, causing harm to cropsl, the capital (Delhi) has been kept in alert. The swarm of locusts have caused huge devastations in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The locusts are spreading across the country at a very rapid speed.


According to reports this is an outcome of climatic change. Usually locusts are seen in between June- December, but their early arrival is an alarming bell for the country. The Desert locusts are seen in small groups every year in Western Rajasthan and Gujurat, but the current swarming is unusual.

The IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) is continuously monitoring the situation, and looking where the locusts are heading. If the sources are to be believed the desert locusts can head towards Delhi, if the windspeed increases. According to Entomologists, the locusts can cause severe damage in the national capital. The impact on Delhi could be as severe as 22% of its area is under green cover.

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The locusts were first seen by, Union Agricultural Ministry Locust Warning Organisation (LWO). The swarm of desert locusts entered India, after causing huge destruction in Pakistan. LWO Deputy Director of LWO KL Gujjar said, “The locusts may move towards Delhi in the next few days if wind speed and direction are favourable. As of today, the wind speed moved them north.”

This has turned a nightmare for farmers as the swarm of locusts are causing huge damage to their crops. In Rajasthan the locusts attack damaged 5 lakh hectares of crop & nearly 17 district of Madhya Pradesh are badly effected. Moreover the warning has been issued if the authorities fail to curb the spread of locusts it can cause more severe damage. This is the deadliest locusts attack in India in past few decades.

Locusts are insects that damages crops, and can travel atleast 150KM a day in huge swarms. Locusts can cause a starvation in the country. The Locust attack is not new, according to Union Agriculture Ministry Data, locust damaged crop worth 10 Cr during 1926-1931, plague cycle. It is a big challenge for the authorities to deal with this upcoming threat.

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