OpinionIs Darren Sammy's allegation on IPL justifiable ?

Is Darren Sammy’s allegation on IPL justifiable ?

Darren Sammy
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Darren Sammy is one of the biggest names in West Indies Cricket. Sammy who played in IPL for Suneisers Hyderabad was one of the strongest pillars of the team. But these days the all rounder seems not to be happy with IPL and it’s franchise. After the death of George Floyd several Big names have come in support of him, people are standing against the ones who don’t believe in equality.

Sammy recently revealed that he was termed as “Kaalu” by his teammates of IPL franchise Suneisers Hyderabad. Sammy went on to reveal, “when recently I came to know the meaning about it and it left me shattered”. There’s no doubt that racism prevails in sports as well. Sammy who became a part of Suneisers Hyderabad in 2013 & 2014 now wants an apology from his teammates. But is Darren Sammy’s allegation on IPL justifiable ?

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If the franchise players have seen Darren as less superior player or person than them because of his skin colour then strict actions and inquiry must be set up. But the intentions do matter, In India “Kaalu”, “Pappu” or “Lallu” are said to friends in a friendly manner. This terms are given to friends to create a friendly environment. In past few days a pic of Ishant Sharma naming Darren Sammy as Kaalu has been circulating on web which is still not authorized. Ishant Sharma and Sammy shared a great bond, in no way Ishant could have thought of demean Darren Sammy.

Amidst all this, Owner of PSL Franchise Peshawar Zalmi Javed Afridi said that, “West Indies cricketers are treated like Kings in Pakistan because of their flamboyant nature and they are big match winners, Pakistan crowd likes to see them”. Darren Sammy gained lot of respect and love from India. Sammy is not getting IPL contracts for past few years, the question here arises would Darren Sammy speak the same thing if he had IPL contracts.

Although Big Cricketers like Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle came in support of Darren Sammy. Dwayne Bravo in his recent Instagram live session said, “It’s sad to see what’s going on around the world. As a black man, we know the history of what black people have been through. We never ask for revenge, we ask for equality and respect. That’s it,”

If Darren Sammy’s allegation are true and faced racism in the country then surely matter needs to be investigated but before jumping into the conclusion we should all wait for the franchise reactions to Darren Sammy’s allegation.

Disclaimer: This is completely an opinionated post. The writer has no intention of hurting the sentiments of the readers. We whole heartedly welcome the different views, perspective and opinion of the readers.

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