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Dark Season 3 Review: The most well-written show of all time

Dark Season 3

Disclaimer: In this Dark Season 3 Review, I only talked about the technical aspects and my final personal thoughts about the show. There will be no spoilers at all in this review, you can read it carefree.

Dark Season 3


I am not going to waste your time in telling you, how the show started. If you opened this review you must have known it. Let’s start the discussion.

The show started from where it ends in Season 2. The first 2 episode of season 3, I only spent understanding what the creators actually wants to tell in here. All the things were very confusing at first but as soon as I reached the third episode, things started to change.

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Many of my doubts that I have from the past seasons are now solved. In the process of finding the answers, I had to stretch my mind a little more because the things presented here are not so easy to understand, one blink and it’s gone. Here are some things which made the season 3 even better.


The first thing I like to address here, is the editing that I witnessed in this show. Hands down, the best in “best editing to ever exist”. Editor Boris Gromatzki must have busted his head while editing this season. Arranging all these clips from both the worlds is not easy, one small mistake and everything just doesn’t make sense.


Undoubtedly, the best written show I ever saw. Jantje Friese is now one of my favourite writers in the world. I could never imagine how many creative blocks she might have passed through to achieve this final draft. Detailing given to every character is very precise and meaningful.


Baran Bo Odar made it all visually possible. He perfectly portrayed the written material given to him on the screen. His way of showing the worlds one after another helped me in untying the knot a little easily. Actually I don’t have much words to express what I am feeling right now. In short, I’m speechless.


If the show has reached the Worldwide number 1 spot today, it’s all because of the effortless acting performances of the whole cast. Louis Hofmann and Lisa Vicari are the stars of the show for sure. Their on-screen chemistry is unmatched. There are some new faces and their presence makes everything understandable. If I talk more about them, I might end up giving away major spoilers.


The most underrated quality of the show is the emotion. Emotion is the thing that started it all at first place. It forced Adam to walk the path of pain & sacrifice so that he can achieve the paradise. Not just only Adam, every other principle character in the show has so much to loose and very less left to gain. The ending will surely leave you on a confused emotional state.

Nikolaus Summerer, the Cinematographer of Dark Season 3 deserves his fair share of applauds in creating this masterpiece. Never going to forget what these bunch of talented individuals have created.

In my conclusion I want to say that, “none of these make any sense in my world but in their, it’s everything. The Déjà vu is connected to the Survivors and they are to Adam & Eva. In this fight to find the Origin, some has to go through Life & Death. Light & Shadow are the actual reality in Between the Time. Their final destination is the Paradise but does it really exist, that’s all we are going to see in this season“.

After watching the series, I am getting a weird funny feeling that Baran & Jantje are the Adam & Eva of our world. All they are doing here is to saw us how it all started. Now if you are thinking that I didn’t mentioned any bad things about the show then let me tell you, I failed in finding any.

Yes there are some loopholes in this show just like Avengers Endgame but that’s the thing that proves the creators are also ‘Human’. Those loopholess didn’t even bothered me at all. I enjoyed every second of the show.

I can now proudly say that Dark is a perfect 10/10 show. Dark is “the most well written and presented web show of all time for me“.



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