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DAC approves procurement of SAAW, HF radio sets and 72,000 SiG 716 rifles at 2,290 crores for Armed Forces

DAC approves procurement of DRDO SAAW
SAAW (Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon) Photo:- Twitter/@Amitraaz

The Defence Acquisition Council meeting held under the Chairmanship of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today approved the proposals for procurement of various equipment required by the Indian Armed Forces at an approximate cost of Rs 2,290 crore.

These include procurement from Domestic Industry as well as Foreign vendors.

The major highlight of the DAC approved procurement is DRDO Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW) at a cost of 970 crore for Indian Air Force and Navy.

The other procurements include indigenous HF Tans-receiver sets and an another batch of 72,000 SIG SAUER Assault Rifles for frontline troops of Indian Army from United States.

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Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW)

The Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW) is a long-range precision-guided anti-airfield weapon designed & developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

It is designed to be capable of engaging ground targets with high precision up to a range of 100 kilometres.

SAAW currently can be launched from Sukhoi SU-30MKI and SEPECAT Jaguar. For guidance it use Imaging infrared with NavIC.

It has a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of 7 to 3 meter. Indian Air Force has a plan to integrate SAAW with Rafales jet.

HF Tans-receiver sets

The acquisition of HF (High Frequency) radio sets for field units of army and IAF along with BNET-AR SDRs for airborne platforms, the entire communications spectrum of armed forces would be secure and immune from jamming by enemy COMJAM systems.

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