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Countries with highest alcohol consumption

India has opened the alcohol shops in the third phase of lockdown. Crowd gathered in huge numbers out the liquor shops and the sale of liquor sore high on the first day itself. But which are the most alcohol consuming nations?

Alcohol consumption
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Alcohol has been a man’s favourite since ages. As time progressed everything changed, except love for Alcohol. This was clearly witnessed when huge number of crowds gathered outside liquor shops in India. On the first day itself the states of India, by selling alcohol earned in crores. The sale of liquor sore so high that Delhi Government imposed 70% tax on liquor. If you think India’s love for Alcohol is too much, you are wrong. Here we look at highest alcohol consuming nations in the world. According to worldpopulation review these are countries with highest alcohol consumption:

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Belarus tops the chart when we talk about most alcohol consuming nations. People of Belarus are in highly love with the alcohol. Per Capita Alcohol consumption is 14.5 lt. Percentage of people suffering from alcohol addiction is 26.5%. People of Belarus face many health related problems because of this. The government has cut down in production of alcohol to save it’s citizens from this addiction.


Lithuania ranks 2 in the chart. Alcohol per capita consumption of Lithuania is 12.9 lt. But the biggest concern is binge drinking is done by 37.7% of the population. One quarter of women population engage in binge drinking, the most in the world. Lithuania’s Prime Minister had announced earlier, that he will impose heavy taxation to fight against this and ban illegal selling of alcohol.


Grenada ranks third in the chart. The average  per capita consumption of Grenade is 11.4 lt. Grenada consumes nearly 40.4% of pure alcohol, which 6.6% more than average consumption of pure alcohol in the whole world. According to 2018 report, Grenada consumes 48% spirit, 41% beer, 7% wine and 4% others.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic stands 4th in the chart. The average per capita consumption of Czech Republic is 11.8 lt. Czech Republic ranks third in binge drinking, 36.5%. 5.7% of population die because of consuming excess alcohol. The Life Expectancy of people of Czech Republic is 70 years. According to WHO Czech people like to drink beer as compared to other alcohol beverages. The tax imposed by the Czech Republic government on alcohol is very low.


France ranks 5th, with per capita consumption of 11.8 lt. The rate of alcohol consumption in France is continuously declining for past 30 years. In France heaviest drinking 20% of population drink about 50% of alcohol.

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