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Coronavirus Threat On Tokyo Olympics

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The Coronavirus outbreak has shook the world. It has opened up new dynamics and the biggest event of 2020 is on the verge of getting cancelled. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is all set to begin from July 24 till Aug 9 in Japan. But the biggest question is will Tokyo Olympics be held as per schedule?

Currently 2,77055  people are effected from Coronavirus outbreak and it costed 11,423 deaths. Japan is also one of the countries that got severely effected from Coronavirus outbreak. Japan has recorded 1016 cases of novel Covid-19. The number of cases in Japan are continuously increasing. A senior official member of 2020 Tokyo Olympic organising committee addressed the media by saying, “The International Olympic Committee is the one making the final decision. We will firmly continue our efforts to host the event in July”.

Sports leagues and Olympics trials, all has been cancelled seeing the pandemic, however International Olympic Committee has said they will do their best. The fate of many athletes and Japan depends on Olympics 2020 . An athlete gives his whole life for this one moment and if the Olympics gets cancelled, it has terrible effect on the athlete. A country invest billions to attain the tag of host nation of Olympics and if Olympics gets cancelled Japan’s economy will be shrinking. Japan had a good opportunity to boost the economy as it would have turned as a tourist attractions during Olympics.

However, Bob Bowman the Coach of swimming great Michael Phelps said, It’s not only best from a performance statement for the athletes, but also what these athletes are going through  right now in terms of mental health.”

The Coronavirus threat has lead to cancellation of various tournaments and legues but if Olympics gets cancelled it would be a setback for the world sports. Olympics without spectators is nothing and government and sports authority really can’t do enough regarding this. Only in the upcoming days there will be clarity regarding whether Tokyo Olympics is On or not.

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