NewsInternationalCoronavirus tally in Russia crossed 1 Lakh mark

Coronavirus tally in Russia crossed 1 Lakh mark

Russia Coronavirus update
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Coronavirus tally in Russia crossed 1 lakh mark on Thursday after a record sharp rise in new cases on Tuesday. In just 16 days Coronavirus cases in Russia multiplied by 5 times.

Russia overtook China and Iran in terms of confirm cases and it hold 9th position as far as Coronavirus cases is concerned. Though it has recorded far fewer death than most of the high infected countries, just One percent.

President Putin, addressed the nation on Tuesday, said the lockdown measures would have to be rolled over for another two weeks. He warned the outbreak’s peak was still ahead.

“The situation is still very difficult,” said Putin. “We are facing a new and perhaps the most intense stage in countering the epidemic.”

There have been 106,498 of coronavirus infections reported so far and 1,073 death. 11,619 people as of now, have been recovered from the infection.

Lockdown is fifth week in Russia, and with the collapse of oil prices, has put the economy on course for a 4-6% contraction, according to the central bank.

Most of the European Countries along with US started experiencing a reasonable decline in per day infection rate, while peak stage in Russia yet to come.

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