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Coronavirus Strikes India

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The death toll reaches more than 3000 as fresh cases of coronavirus died in China. There has been a sense of panic in India since Monday night as the number of people getting effected from COVID-19 increased.

Concerts and sports events has been cancelled in Gulf due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The electronic music ultra¬† festival which was going to be held in Abu Dhabi’s DU arena have been called off.
Nearly 1641 people got affected from coronavirus in the gulf regions.

But the biggest concern is six cases with high viral load has been detected in Agra. Health minister on Tuesday said, six cases with ‘high viral load’ has been detected in Agra and these people have been kept in isolation. Another passenger who landed in Jaipur was tested positive in the first test, but in the second test the result came to be negative. His tests are still going on. To contain further spread of the virus the government has banned visas from Iran,China,South Korea and Italy.

Seeing the chaos PM. Narendra Modi tweeted

A school in Noida has been closed seeing a Delhi resident who was treated with Coronavirus in Italy came to a birthday party that was attended by the children as well as their schoolmates. Karnataka government have declared the school authorities to give leave to children who are suffering from cold and flu. The CM of Telangana K. Chandrasekhar Rao has alloted 100 crores for measures against Coronavirus.

But this has taken a political turn, when the blame games began. Every politician cursing each other. The debate has started that the measures to be taken against Coronavirus should be discussed or not in the parliament.

Reserve Bank of India has stated that globally, financial markets have been experiencing considerable volatility, with the spread of the coronavirus triggering risk-off sentiments. It is monitoring global and domestic developments closely and continuously and stands ready to take appropriate actions to ensure the orderly functioning of financial markets, maintain market confidence and preserve financial stability, reports ANI.

Precautions Against Coronavirus:

If you are suffering from cold and flu visit a doctor and get a check up.

Avoid touching your nose,mouth with dirty hands.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

The government and the state are working together and taking various measures. Globally Coronavirus has taken 3000 lives and the virus outbreak has gripped more than 80000 people.

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