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After 1 Million tests, India’s Corona virus cases are lower than Germany and other countries

The global pandemic of Corona virus is reaching close to it’s closure in few countries but in many nations the effect is increasing gradually.

A graph released by MoHFW, Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India shows the number of registered Corona virus cases in many countries after the completion of 1 Million tests. The list includes data from USA, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy and India. ANI shared this data via Twitter. Have a look.

As of May 3, only very few countries in the world are able to complete 1 Million tests and the above data are only from some of them. As for Indians, this is a good sign to some extent because the lockdown has reduced the cases to a very good stage.

Spain has the highest number of cases while India has the lowest. The situation of USA is also very poor. But that’s totally not a thing to celebrate for Indians. If you’ll search, then you will see that countries like Turkey, Italy, Germany and Spain don’t even have population over a 100 Million. Still they have registered that many cases. Then for a country with 1.35 Billion people, 1 Million tests are not enough.

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The citizens will have to come forward and do their part in helping the government collect the right data. India requires even more number of tests. If you are feeling sick, then do visit to a doctor and test yourself out.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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