News Entertainment Why you should and should not watch "Contagion" movie right now?

Why you should and should not watch “Contagion” movie right now?

Contagion is a Sci-fi thriller film, which shows the spread of a Virus globally and the fight for finding the vaccine for it. This film is currently headlining several news portal because of it’s similarities with the ongoing Corono Virus outbreak.

Movie poster

Available in: Amazon Prime Video
Original Language: English
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Producers: Gregory Jacobs, Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg
Screenplay and Writer: Scott Z. Burns
Cinematographer: Peter Andrews
Music: Cliff Martinez
Edited by: Stephen Mirrione

Cast: Matt Damon, Jennifer Ehle, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Marion Cotillard, Bryan Cranston, Jude Law and many more.

After the outbreak of the Corono Virus early January this year, many news websites across the globe has written about this movie because of it’s similarities with the current situations. The film has many moments and scenes where you will go “ahhh this is the same thing that is going on”. People are streaming and renting this movie from different sources. But there is something you need to understand here before watching it.

Movie scenes
Movie scenes

Why you should not watch Contagion?

• If you are soft hearted, I request you to not watch the movie right now as it shows some really disturbing things which happens during an Quarantine. Currently the whole world is suffering a dangerous threat and maybe after watching this, your fear and anxiety level will increase to another extent.

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Why you should watch Contagion?

• First of all, the similarities between the movie and the current outbreak is very much the same. In the movie, the virus was also spread through human contacts. So here you can get some precaution ideas.

• The writing style of Contagion was totally brilliant. The detail in informations tells you a lot about the way, a human behaves during a pandemic, the number of problems the doctors goes through, the violence that can break out during any quarantine and the extent to which a human goes for survival.

• The multi plot story telling is not everyone’s piece of cake but Steven Soderbergh has mastered that craft. In this movie, you will see the same. That technique of filmmaking really increased the thrill of the movie. You will literally start feeling the intensity in the scenes.

• More than anything, this movie is an emotional tale of several individuals losing their loved ones from an unknown cause that they are not ready for. The movie is grounded in nature which is the important feature about it. It keeps the plot real and connected.

• In this point of time, the world is in fear from the outbreak of the Covid-19. But this film will definitely give you hope that one day all these lockdowns, quarantine will end and you will resume your daily life.

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I tried not to give you all any spoiler of the film but just tell you some small details which are necessary for the explanation of the story. There’s a lot more to discover and learn from the film. Go to Amazon Prime Video and watch Contagion (subtitles available). If you don’t have a Prime account no worries, just register yourself for a 30 days free trail provided by Amazon.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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