NewsInternationalVladimir Putin: Constitutional amendments in Russia created the conditions for 'progressive development'

Vladimir Putin: Constitutional amendments in Russia created the conditions for ‘progressive development’

Vladimir Putin
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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday constitutional amendments created the conditions for Russia’s “progressive development” for decades to come, as reported by Reuters.

Actually on July 1, Vladimir Putin has ordered a constitutional amendment that would allow him to remain in power in Russia till 2036. The amendments came after voters approved the changes after a week long plebiscite.

“The amendments come into force. They come into force, without overstating it, at the people’s will,” Putin said after he signed a decree to have the constitution revised.

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The amendments will allow Putin to run two more 6 year terms in Russia after the current one expires in 2024. The changes will also outlaw same-sex marriages, mention the “belief in God as a core value” and emphasise the primacy of Russian law over international norms.

However, opponents said the whole plebiscite was illegal and the amendments is illegitimate, and an independent monitoring group also said the vote was deeply flawed.

But the Russian news agencies quoted Putin as saying: “I am absolutely convinced that we are doing the right thing in adopting amendments to the current constitution.”

“They will strengthen our nationhood and create conditions for the progressive development of our country for decades to come,” he said.

Amending the constitution was proposed by Vladimir Putin in January.

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