NewsEntertainmentNetizens share hilarious memes on Chota Bheem as #JusticeForChutki trends on twitter

Netizens share hilarious memes on Chota Bheem as #JusticeForChutki trends on twitter

During these unprecedented times when the Coronavirus pandemic is taking away lives and causing grief and sorrow among people, Twitterati’s have a come together to spread some laughter and joy.

Chota Bheem
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Twitter turned out to be a hilarious place when netizens started trending #JusticeForChutki. Chutki is girl character of famous Cartoon Series Choto Bheem. Chota Bheem has been a popular character among today’s youth. Chota Bheem has won kids heart by his stunt and saving Dholakpur (the place they live in) from evil eyes.

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But now the Twitterati’s believe Chota Bheem is just like any other guy who used Chutki for ladoos and then disowned her. Kids love the bond between Bheem and his friends.People are angry over Bheem for choosing other girl over Chutki. To show their anger and frustration netizens started trending #JusticeForChutki and #ChotaBheem.

Netizens share hilarious memes showing Bheem and his misdeeds.

While someone shared how Chutki herself handed over Bheem to Rajkumari Indumati


Bheem looking at Rajkumari Indumati over Chutki

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