NewsChinese propaganda busted again after they shared photo of a inflated balloons...

Chinese propaganda busted again after they shared photo of a inflated balloons as missile launcher

Chinese propaganda bustedOnce again cheap Chinese propaganda tactics busted after they mistakenly shared the picture of a inflated balloons depicting HQ-16 Surface to Air Missile.

Actually Beijing Mouth piece ‘China Central Television’ (CCTV) posted a picture of a Missile launchers positioned by People’s Liberation Army but quickly social media user noted that the launchers are in curve shape.

After giving a closer look, users get to know that PLA inflated and painted the balloons so that they look identical to their HQ-16 Surface to Air Missile.

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After CCTV realised their blunder they just remove the photo.

Through Chinese army use these camouflage schemes to give fake information about their deployment in the region, as these sites were continuously picked up by the satellite.

But sadly their own media house mistakenly busted the Chinese propaganda.

However this is not the first time when Chinese propaganda caught red handed by the social media users.


Last month a high-octane propaganda video for China’s air force caught red handed for using clips of Hollywood action movie for showing a simulated military attack against a US military base.

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