NewsInternationalChinese PLA troops back again at the 15 June Face off point

Chinese PLA troops back again at the 15 June Face off point

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According to latest report by IANS, Chinese PLA troops back at point where barbaric June 15 incident took place. The Chinese troops have again set up their tents in the same place.

After the diplomatic talk between India and China in LAC there were hopes that everything will be sorted as both the sides agreed mutually to disengage, but on the contrary China has started to build up its army in Galwan Valley and is again back to action.

Abhijit Iyer Mitra famous journalist covering the border dispute tweeted, “There’s a massive Chinese buildup in Ladakh. 32 sukhois (Ngari & Hotan) + 10,000 troops 5-20 kms from the LAC, all moved in after 15th June from Lhasa & Xinjiang. No buildup across Sikkim or Arunachal. The Chinese are unpredictable & now may be the most dangerous period”

The India China violence face off which took place on 15th June in Galwan Valley killing 20 Indian soldiers and on the other side around 35+ Chinese side soldiers were killed but the official numbers yet to be confirmed. Since than the national sentiments have been hurt in both sides of borders.

However India tried to solve the border dispute diplomatically but it failed infront of China’s wrong intentions. The Indian Army on Tuesday June 23, said that the meeting were held in positive and constructive atmosphere, and there was mutual consensus to disengage.

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After Commander level talks between both the countries,the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “India and China have agreed to take steps to cool down situation at border through dialogue and consultation”.

However things are completely opposite to what China claimed. Seeing China’s history and untrustworthy nature, the Indian Army is also getting well equipped incase to tackle any misadventure from Chinese Side.

Today General MM Naravane visited the forward areas in Eastern Ladakh and reviewed operational situation on the ground.

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