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China urges Indian media not to provide platform for “Taiwan Independence” forces

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China SpokespersonOn April 27, 2020, Times of India published an interview with Joseph Jaushieh Wu, head of the Taiwan authorities’ foreign relations department.But China is unhappy with the interview.

As Joseph Jaushieh Wu is advocating “Taiwan independence” and “Taiwan’s participation in WHO” in the interview which was against Chinese policy as China didn’t recognize Taiwan as independent Nation.

Actually China-Taiwan conflict is the outcome of Chinese Civil War, resulting the split of China into the two present-day self-governing entities. The People’s Republic of China (PRC; commonly known as “China”) and the Republic of China (ROC; commonly known as “Taiwan”).

Both countries claim themselves as the True China. China even doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a independent country. China believe in “One-China” and on the other hand Taiwan believes in “One China, One Taiwan”

In response to the Wu interview, Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong published an statement.

Ji Rong pointed out that “China has clearly stated its position many times concerning so-called “Taiwan’s participation in WHO”. The One-China principle is a widely accepted universal consensus of the international community including the Government of the Republic of India.

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations restricted to only sovereign states. Taiwan has no right to join WHO as a part of China.

Based on the arrangement made by China and the WHO, medical experts from the Taiwan region can still attend relevant technical meetings at the WHO in their proper capacity.

Taiwan authorities take the opportunity of sharing its “anti-epidemic experiences” to advocate “One China, One Taiwan” and raise the question of “Taiwan’s participation in WHO”, which is purely because the Democratic Progressive Party ‘s intention to take the epidemic as an excuse to engage in seeking “Taiwan independence” and achieve its political purpose of separation through this move”.

He further said Indian media to take a correct stance on issues concerning China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, adhere to the One-China principle, and do not provide platform for “Taiwan independence” forces”.

Joseph Jaushieh Wu said in statement that, “since 2017 WHO has continually caved in to China’s unreasonable interference and discontinued its practice of issuing invitations to Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly as an observer. Between 2009 and 2019, Taiwan applied to attend 187 WHO technical meetings that we are aware of, but was accepted to only 57; we were rejected 70 percent of the time”.

He added, “WHO should recognize the seriousness of the situation and allow Taiwan’s full participation as soon as possible”.



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