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China who blocks every social media giants, now preeching India for Banning Chinese apps

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Embassy of China releases statement on India banning 59 Chinese Apps. Says, India’s measure, selectively and discriminatorily, runs against fair and transparent procedure and violating WTO rules.

Yesterday Government of India blocks 59 Chinese apps including big giants like TikTok, UC Browser and Share It on the grounds stealing user data and National security.

Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rongn said he, firmly opposed to such action, after India bans Chinese apps.

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“India’s measure, selectively and discriminatory aims at certain Chinese apps on ambiguous and far-fetched grounds, runs against fair and transparent procedure requirements, abuses national security exceptions, and suspects of violating the WTO rules. It also goes against the general trend of international trade and E-commerce, and is not conducive to consumer interests and the market competition in India,” He added.

Ironically, Communist governments of China already blocks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other social media giants and even Google nearly a decade before, and now shamelessly preaching India on ‘fair and transparent procedure’, ‘violating WTO rules’ and ‘discriminatory practices’.

Embassy spokesperson Ji Rong further said, “these apps have large number of users in India, and operating strictly in accordance with Indian laws and regulations. The ban will affect not only the employment of local Indian workers who support these apps, but also the interests of Indian users and the employment and livelihoods of many creators and entrepreneurs,”

“We expect India acknowledges the mutually beneficial nature of China-India economic and trade cooperation, and urge the Indian side to change its discriminatory practices, maintain the momentum of China-India economic and trade cooperation.” He added.

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