NewsInternationalChina pledges $2 Billion over two years to fight Coronavirus

China pledges $2 Billion over two years to fight Coronavirus

China At the first meeting of the World Health Organization’s governing body since Covid-19, China announced a $2 Billion over two years to fight the Pandemic.

While many countries in the world were seeking a probe against WHO for their delayed and irresponsible approach in the early phases of Coronavirus.

“We have shared control and treatment experience with the world without reservation,” Xi said. “We have done everything in our power to support and assist countries in need.”

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The $2 billion over the next two years will support COVID-19 response efforts, particularly in developing countries, Xi said.

US, European Union and Australia were pushing for a probe into the virus’s origin and  handling of virus in the early phases. US backed Bloc also pushing for Taiwan permanent membership in World Health Organisation.

Xi said he also supported the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19.

“This work should be based on science and professionalism, led by WHO and conducted in objective and impartial manner,” he said.

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