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China illegally constructed 9 buildings on Nepal’s territory, free ticket to China in Oli reign ?

China captured Nepal landChina is not only encroaching Nepalese land but according to a latest report China also constructed buildings inside the Nepal territory.

As per Khabarhub, a Kathmandu base media house, in a recent inspection of the Lapcha-Limi region of Humla from August 30 to September 9 by Assistant Chief District Officer Dalbahadur Hamal of Humla has revealed that China has constructed ‘nine buildings’ inside the territory.

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Lapcha-Lipu region fall in the remote area that’s why they did not enjoy full state presence throughout the time.

The District Administration office of Humla has reported about the encroachment and construction to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHFW).

“We could see the buildings from a distance. We had heard rumors about a building being constructed by China there but found eight more in our visit,” a member of the monitoring team maintaining anonymity said to Khabarhub.

Its looking like the KP Oli government has granted free ticket to illegally encroach land.

Just in last month government officials reported that China has pushed the international boundary by 1,500 meters towards Dolakha.

PM KP Oli party Party has launched a campaigned called Greater Nepal in which they claimed major Indian cities, while on the other they happily distributing their land to China.

PM KO Oli terribly failed in addressing illegal encroachment by China on Nepal territory.

Aditya Raj
Writer & Co-founder of InfotOnline.

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