NewsInch by inch China capturing Nepal's land, at least 7 more districts...

Inch by inch China capturing Nepal’s land, at least 7 more districts of Nepal occupied by China

China captured Nepal landInch by inch China is encroaching Nepal’s land. According to a new report by Zee News China has intruded into Nepalese territory in at least seven bordering districts.

This data is being reported by Nepali Government agencies.

The seven district where China illegally encroaching is Dolakha, Gorkha, Darchula, Humla, Sindhupalchowk, Sankhuwasabha, and Rasuwa.

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According to the Surveying and mapping department, China has pushed the international boundary 1,500 meters towards Nepal in Dolakha. It has pushed the boundary pillar Number 57 in the Korlang area in Dolakha, which was previously located at top of Korlang.

Few months earlier a report about Rui village shocked the citizens of the country. The report consist that China captured the Rui Village. Unfortunately the journalist who reported this intrusion is dead now.

The Surveying and Mapping Department has also reported that China has occupied Nepali villages in Gorkha and Darchula districts. Similar to Dolakha, China has relocated Boundary Pillar Numbers 35, 37, and  38 in Gorkha district and Boundary Pillar Number 62 in Nampa Bhanjyang in Solukhumbu.

Similarly, The Human Rights Commission reported that a portion of the Jiujiu Village of Darchula has also been occupied by China.

The Communist Party of China has a expansionist theory. They like to intrude/capture territory of their neighbours.

Though the relationship between KP Oli and Chinese Communist Party is so strong that he preferred to be silent even in these sensitive issue.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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