News Cheap High Quality DRONE for Beginners

Cheap High Quality DRONE for Beginners

DJI announced their latest Drone ” DJI Mavic Mini”.
• It weighs just 249g, a gram less than the cutoff for FAA registration.
• Compact in size which helps in easy portability.

Dji mavic mini
Source : Moment

On October 30, 2019 DJI Global has announced their latest upcoming most lightweight and smallest Drone Camera which is now available for pre-order and will start shipping from November 11 onwards.

The drone will be sold for $399 which includes a remote controller, one battery, and a set of extra propellers. And at $499 for it’s combo packs they will include propellor guards, three batteries, a battery charging hub, a carrying case, a controller, and three sets of extra propellers.

Dji mavic mini flying
Source : Moment


Despite of the low price, the Mavic Mini offers a lot of features similar to it’s big brothers and some improvements that will really help.

• Creative Shooting Modes
• Ability to return automatically to the takeoff spot
• Longer flight time (Averages 25 min) in a single battery.
• Shoots 2.7k footage which doesn’t look bad at all if we consider its price point.
• Can take 12 megapixel High Quality Photos.
• Has a 3 axis gimbal which will help in generating a smooth stabilized footage.
• Doesn’t need a FAA registration because of DJI ‘s smart move to make the drone just a gram lighter than the cutoff weight.
• The Controller is really beginners friendly. If you never had an experience of flying a drone before you will still learn how to fly it after some few crashes.

Image sample of mavic mini
Image sample of Mavic Mini


• Can’t shoot 4K like its elder brothers.
• Due to its lightweight, you can’t risk it to fly when the wind is blowing fast.
• It has some fewer sensors than DJI’s other drones which will make it more prone to crashes.

Who should Buy this DJI MAVIC MINI?

In their launch, DJI has claimed that this drone is for beginners and as well as for the Pros. So, if you are interested in buying a new Drone then you must give Mavic Mini a go.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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