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Charlie Chaplin: The First Actor in the world to be on the cover of Times magazine

Charlie Chaplin
Source: IMDb

On April 16, 2020 we celebrate the 131st birth anniversary of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin better known as “Charlie Chaplin”.

Source: IMDb

The Actor, the performer, the artist who was famous for his comic character “The Tramp” in the silent movies in early 1920s. Recipient of several awards and honours including three Academy Awards in which the first was an Honorary Award for “versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing, and producing The Circus” in 1929. There are several unknown facts of Chaplin that fans around the world knows. But there is one such fact that very few people knew about him and that is his cover on the Times magazine.

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Sir Charlie Chaplin becomes the first actor in the whole world to be on the cover of Times magazine in July, 1925. The Time magazine is one of the oldest and most popular magazine in the world. Time was first published in 1923 and soon established itself as one of the United States’ leading news magazines. Back them, an appearance on the cover of Time became an indicator of a person’s notability or fame.

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This weekly magazine has the world’s largest readership which is about 26 million. The magazine cover which features many world leaders, social reformers, social activists, kings, queens, army personnel in it’s early days did something very new on their 1925’s July 6th edition. They featured an Actor for the first time and the actor is none another than the comedy king of that era “Charlie Chaplin”.

Source: Time magazine’s Vault

On his 131st birth anniversary you can relive the era of Charlie Chaplin by watching some of his films. I will recommend you to watch these 3 movies of him
• The Circus (1928)
• City Lights (1931)
• The Great Dictator (1940)



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