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Chaman Bahaar review: The best slow paced Entertainer of the year

Chaman Bahaar

Chaman Bahaar starring Jitendra Kumar a.k.a. Jeetu Bhaiya is a new Netflix movie released this month on June 19. The film is a story of Billu, a paanwala of a small town who falls in love with a school girl who resides opposite his shop. The film revolves around Billu’s life, his shop and the unspoken one-sided love he developed for ‘Rinku‘.


If you haven’t watched the film yet, let me tell you some of it’s features so that you can finally decide whether to watch it or not. This review will be completely spoiler free, so don’t worry about anything.

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The most heartwarming feature of the film is the simplicity and the grounded nature of it. If you ever lived in a small town, you will surely relate with the characters.


The set designing was on point. I never felt that it was a shoot location at all. Looks like the production just rented all the locations. Some detailing in the scenes were the highlights.


Another authentic feature of the film is the language. The characters speaks a mix of Hindi and Bhojpuri, which is actually the language in UP. The use of broken english in-between the scenes by the fellow character was just hilarious to see.


Arkodeb Mukherjee has done a fine job here. The vibe of a small town was felt clearly from his cinematography. The wide shots of the fields, township, roads etc will drive you there for sure.


The running length of the film fits perfect for the storytelling. The development of one-sided love for someone was so genuinely portrayed here, that it just melts your heart. The immoral nature of some powerful individual residing in a small town teaches you so much about the society.

Look there’s no such big message hidden here but the lesson you will learn in the film is something very important to know. The last 15 minutes of the film shows you why Jitendra Kumar is called the ‘best in this genre’.


Jitendra honestly steals the show. His body language, he facial expressions are too good. Other than him, some characters like Somu and Chhotu held the film till the end. Their presence on screen will keep you smiling all the time. Rinku played by Ritika Badiani is a very innocent character. She has nothing much to do but still did everything unknowingly. Alam Khan also did a fine job with his character.

The film is written and directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. His way of direction is now on my favourite list. The man really did some appreciable work here. I can surely say that after Panchayat, this film has portrayed the rural India perfectly. Yes, you will find some problems in the film but as a whole this one is “the best slow paced entertainer of the year” for me.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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