NewsEntertainmentCarryminati's YouTube vs Tiktok video breaks several world records, beats BTS

Carryminati’s YouTube vs Tiktok video breaks several world records, beats BTS

All the previous records by Indian videos on YouTube are shattered by Carryminati’s latest video, YouTube vs Tiktok: The End. It has even beaten K-pop band BTS music videos in likes count.Carryminati's Youtube vs Tiktok


Carryminati is an Indian YouTuber, Comedian and Rapper who usually make roasting videos on YouTube. His style and genre of content has gained him immense fame all over the world. Currently he has 12.2M subscribers on his channel with over 1.04B views. He has one more channel named Carryislive, where he do livestream while playing games and doing other stuff. That channel has 4.28M subscribers. He is one of the biggest YouTuber from India as per his stats and influence over the audience.

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From past few weeks, there is a virtual war going between YouTubers and Tiktokers in order to find which is the most popular platform in India. This topic is not a recent thing, it was a matter of discussion from last 2 years now. Many people don’t like majority of the Tiktokers because they post useless videos in the name of content and call them influencers. If you are not aware of Tiktok, let me tell you about it, in brief.

Tiktok is an online video streaming platform where you can post videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute in length. The platform is very controversial and is hated by many around the world because of the content and the country in which it was made. This time the hate towards the application reached to another level because of this YouTube vs Tiktok thing.

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This matter fired up after a Tiktoker, Amir Siddiqui posted a IGTV video where he addressed about this situation, shared some facts and also occasionally roasted famous YouTubers in his video. Then what, the audience demands a strong response from YouTubers. Many YouTubers made a video on this topic like Angry Prash, Saiman Says etc but people wanted Carry to make one on this. Days after days, the file of requests started to increase till yesterday when Carryminati a.k.a. Ajey Nagar finally dropped a video on YouTube vs Tiktok.

The 12 minute 37 seconds video instantly went viral and crashed the YouTube statistics like never before. Here are some records it has made in 24 hours of release.

2nd Fastest Indian Video to 1M likes (2Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 2M likes (5Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 3M likes (9 Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 4M likes (17 Hrs)
• Fastest Indian Video to 5M likes (22 Hrs)
• Most Liked Indian Video in first 24 Hours (5.2M)
• 2nd Most Liked Video in the World in first 24 Hours (5.2M)
• 4th Most Liked Indian Video on YouTube
• 2nd Most Commented Indian Video on YouTube (451K)
• Most Comments on an Indian Video in first 24 Hours (451K)
• Most Subscribers Gain in 24 Hours (1.3M)
• 8th Most Viewed Indian Video in first 24 Hours (19.96M)

It has surpassed K-pop band BTS several songs like Idol(2019) and On(2020) in likes count within 24 hours. This is a big achievement because all the previous most watched, most liked videos were music videos. Still after so much engagement, the video is not on the trending page maybe because it has been reported by several individuals. The video contains explicit words, so if you are planning to watch it, watch it with your headphones on. Here’s the link to the video.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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  1. Shradha first read the full article
    He clearly sad 2nd most liked video in 24 hours
    1 Bts boy with luv 6.2 million
    2 Carryminati 5.2 million
    3 Bts on 4.8 million
    4 Bts idol 4.5 million
    5 Bts fake love 3.9 million
    Carryminati got 10.2 millions like(4.5 day)
    And bts on stuck on 8.4 million(1and half month)

  2. Who wrote this article?!
    Dude don’t just compare it with BTS man! It’s musical band and he’s a YouTuber????‍♀️

    • Well when a small youtuber in contrast to world’s one of the biggest boy band get more likes than they ever seen hell so called “army” spam about bts everywhere but couldn’t get it through

      • See they both are two categories
        One is music and other is in people and blog category…All the videos under music category will only count views only after they watch the whole video..But videos under people and blog category will get views when they watch few seconds…

  3. Actually this news is totally fake. Bts holds the record of second most liked video worldwide with 6.2 M likes in 24 hours. So I request you to delete this article, and don’t spread fake roumers.

      • Alright Bro but BTS never tell us to like,share subscribe. Ppl listen to the song n that’s it…’s about music for us and not likes.
        They have worldwide recognition, given speeches at UN and besides Obama. I’m also proud of Carry but u comparing them is baseless.


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