NewsEntertainmentCarryminati's gaming channel Carryislive hacked, Bitcoin adverts appeared on Livestream

Carryminati’s gaming channel Carryislive hacked, Bitcoin adverts appeared on Livestream

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India’s biggest YouTuber Carryminati today early morning tweeted that his second channel Carryislive, is hacked. The hacker was running a livestream on his channel this morning. YouTube’s support team responded to Carryminati’s tweet some hours ago.

Carryminati(21) is an Indian YouTuber, who make roasting videos, comedy sketches and songs. His main channel has over 24 Million subscribers on YouTube, while his second channel where he do gaming and live streaming has 6.66 Million subscribers. He holds the record for the most liked Indian video on YouTube (Yalgaar).

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In the past 2 months, Carryminati has became a sensation in this country. His record breaking video was deleted by YouTube, he gained over 10M subscribers in the shortest interval and he received 1M likes on one of his video in 47 minutes. Also in this span of time, he experienced some weird things like getting copyright claim on his own music video 2 times.


Today morning, one more weird thing happened. His second channel Carryislive was hacked by someone. The hacker attempted to do some charity streams through his channel. One of the streams ran for sometime and the hacker was asking for donation through Bitcoin & Ethereum. Here are some snaps taken during the livestream by the viewers.

Carryislive was targeted because of his reach and popularity. Few days back, Carryminati did a charity stream to raise donation for Assam & Bihar floods. Through that stream, he raised about 10.31 Lakhs rupees. Later he added 1 Lakh from his side and donated all the money to the relief funds.

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This hacking thing is concerning other small creators. YouTube’s security system is being questioned by the users. In response to Carryminati’s tweet, Team YouTube said “We’re really sorry this happened. Mind following us so we can continue with next steps over DM?” Viewers are requesting YouTube to recheck their policies and upgrade the security system.

Till now, there’s no more activity shown by the hacker on Carryislive. Let’s wait for the officials to do something regarding this matter.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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