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Carryminati’s Yalgaar video finally appears on the YouTube trending page

Finally after a long time, a Carryminati video is on the YouTube trending page and that’s a big deal for many reasons.Carryminati


He is an Indian YouTuber, Gamer and Rapper. His real name is Ajey Nagar but most people better know him by his stage name “Carryminati“. Yesterday he uploaded a rap song titled “Yalgaar” which is currently trending at #1 in India. Record charts were shattered by this song in just few hours of it’s release.

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After Carryminati’s, Youtube vs Tiktok video, a lot of controversies were created. YouTube restricted any Carryminati video to appear on the trending page. That was not the first time, something like that was happened. Carryminati mostly make freestyle roasting videos, which contains strong language that’s why YouTube don’t put his video on the trending page.

But yesterday’s video is completely normal. It is a rap song and it doesn’t contained use of such language. The stats on this video are just amazing and is doing better than any other video right now on the Internet. YouTube have to do it this time or otherwise their users will definitely get furious over their actions. And honestly this video deserves it, totally.

The Yalgaar video song has currently 29M views, 4.9M likes and 910K comments in just 21 hours of it’s release. It is on the verge of breaking many world records. Let’s wait till midnight to see the final figures.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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