NewsEntertainmentIndia's Biggest YouTuber Carryminati today turns 21

India’s Biggest YouTuber Carryminati today turns 21

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Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar today celebrates his 21st birthday. Carryminati is a household name in India. The 21 year old brought an evolution of roasting in India, without hurting the sentiments of the people. Carry is one of India’s biggest YouTube star and recently his channel crossed 21 M subscribers and became the most subscribed Indian channel on YouTube.

In past few months Carry saw a lot of ups & down but nothing could stop him from achieving the feat. The YouTube Vs TikTok controversy showed immense fan following of Carry in India. His video YouTube Vs TikTok The End broke several world records.

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Good & Bad comes hand in hand. Carryminati also got involved in lot of Controversy in past few days. People questioned him and his talent. Carry was heavily trolled for using abusive words and giving it a name of roasting, but fans stood by him throughout. Recently Carryminati released a rap song “YALGAAR” which showcases his journey, his struggle and Carry also gives a befitty reply to all his haters.

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The 21 year old is like a family member for his fans. His fans refer to him as “bro” and Carry returns the same amount love and affection for his fans. Carry also runs a gaming channel “CarryisLive” which has more than 5.72M subscribers.

Ajey Nagar love for posting videos & YouTube is not hidden from anyone. Carry aka Ajey initially used to upload videos where he would Bollywood actor Sunny Deol at the age of 10. In 2019, Carry was named in 10 Next Generation Leaders by TIMES.

Fans wished Carryminati Happy Birthday

As soon as the Roaster turned 21, fans took their social media to wish Carryminati Happy Birthday, and wished he keeps on entertaining them for more 100 years.

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