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CarryMinati releases the poster of his upcoming video “YALGAAR”

CarryMinati YALGAAR posterToday CarryMinati release the official poster of his upcoming video “YALGAAR” through Social Media Handles. In his tweet he wrote “YALGAAR IS COMING!! Are you ready ????”

His last video on YouTube vs TikTok was taken down by YouTube India for violating community guidelines . Its looking like Carry’s upcoming video titled “YALGAAR” might be a continuation of his previous roast Video.

Firstly, on 24 May Carry teased about YALGAAR by uploading a 1:44 min short video on YouTube.

Many believes that CarryMinati new video will again going to break several records in India as well as worldwide, although it depends how viewers will react.

He also reacted on crossing 20 Million subscriber on YouTube after 2 days and also explain the situation that why he not active in any social media since the last video removed .

He wrote in Instagram stories, ” Before i say anything, i want to congratulate us for 20 million tum log pagal ho. I’m sorry i have gone ghost on everybody. Not just social media but I’m not picking any calls or seeing any text as well,”

He added, “The reason is I’m working on “YALGAAR” non stop from the day the video got removed. YALGAAR release ke baad achhe se bataunga abhi chalta hoon bahut kaam hai, i hope uyou guys are doing good dhyan rakho sab.”

However CarryMinati still didn’t confirmed the release date of new video.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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