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Carryminati ranked #1 on YouTube India’s list of Top Breakout Creators of 2020

Carryminati tops in 3 out 4 lists of YouTube India for 2020.

CarryminatiAs the year is coming to an end, YouTube India has released a list of top breakout creators of 2020 who made it big in the digital space. The list includes many talented video content creators from all around the country. Carryminati, who recently became Asia’s biggest Youtuber, is ranked at #1 on this list.


1. Carryminati
2. Total Gaming
3. Techno Gamerz
4. Desi Gamers
5. The Mridul
6. Lokesh Gamer
7. Mythpat
8. Khan GS Research Centre
9. Aish
10. Helping Gamer

This year’s list is filled with gamers and we are not surprised with that because the only category on YouTube India which kept on growing massively in 2020 is gaming. To make interesting content for their audience, even big creators like Flying Beast moved towards gaming and he succeeded.

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Khan GS Research Centre is one of the most unique channel netizens discovered in 2020. Khan sir provided viewers with knowledge as well as some form of entertainment while teaching. It’s really good to see YouTube encouraging and giving these creators their deserving recognition on a big stage.

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