NewsEntertainmentCarryminati 'not' going on Bigg Boss 14, rumours are fake

Carryminati ‘not’ going on Bigg Boss 14, rumours are fake

CarryminatiLast evening, a news broke out that Indian Youtuber Carryminati is going to join Bigg Boss 14 this year. Several news websites claimed that he is already in Mumbai, quarantining before the beginning of the show.

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The 21 year old internet sensation, Carryminati (real name Ajey Nagar) is currently one of the biggest content creator in the world with over 25.5 million subscribers on his main channel and 7.56 million on the other. He makes roasting videos, quirky comedy sketches, music videos and also do gaming.

On September 15, India Today in one of their news articles wrote that “Social media star Carryminati and three other YouTubers are currently quarantined in a hotel in Mumbai before entering the Bigg Boss 14 house.” This news soon turned out to be fake, when Carryminati did a livestream on his second channel ‘Carryislive’ at 8:30 p.m. yesterday evening from his house.

In that livestream, people were continuosly asking Carry about the Bigg Boss 14 news. In reply to that, he said “Udati udati udati chappale bhi aati hai…. Bhai udati udati bohat khabare aati hai aur unhe udati udati jaane dena chahiye“. (Non sarcastic simple translation: This news is false).

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This was not the first time, the news of Carryminati joining Bigg Boss surfaced on the internet. From the last 2 years, every time Bigg Boss came up with a new season, rumours of Carryminati going the show starts to float on every social media. Even Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani were rumoured to join Bigg Boss, but was it true? No.

One more thing, a person who had roasted Bigg Boss several times in his channel and showed his dislikes about the show clearly in his videos will never ever think about joining it. News websites and channels are just using Carryminati’s name currently to gain some views and money. There’s no base to their claims at all.

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