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“No new video coming till next year” says Carryminati

CarryminatiIndia’s biggest YouTuber and streamer Carryminati has revealed that his video plans for December have been ruined due to some issues. The 21 year old creator has informed his followers through Instagram stories that he was working on an animation style roasting video, which is completely new & refreshing for his channel.

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Carryminati has hinted about this news two months ago. His viewers were also very excited after this but sadly the plans have been postponed for next year. Carryminati has compared this weird incident with the postponement of the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 game, which was first announced in May, 2012.

Carryminati’s last video titled ‘Massage Paradise’ has gained over 21 million views in just 2 weeks on release. His subscribers count is also growing super fast. Currently he has over 27.3 million subscribers on YouTube on his main channel and 8.18 million subscribers on his gaming channel.

He told that he will now again work on that video and try to release it as soon as possible. If that’s the strategy for now then there will be no videos by Carryminati this month.

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