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Carryminati announces charity stream in support of people affected in Assam & Bihar floods

Source: Instagram

YouTuber Carryminati will be doing a Charity Stream in support of people affected in Assam and Bihar floods on his second YouTube gaming channel CARRYISLIVE from 7 PM till 12 midnight on Sunday.

Assam and Bihar is facing disastrous times, people are left homeless without food during this pandemic. When there’s all criticism on National Media for no proper coverage on Assam and Bihar floods, the 21 year old has come up yet again to help the people in need.

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The YouTuber is known for having a big heart. Time and again Carryminati through his humble gesture have won many hearts. This is not the first time that Carry will be doing a Charity Stream, earlier the YouTuber raised money through his channel for Assam, Odisha and Bihar floods in 2019.

Carryminati recently made into the headlines for his song “YALGAAR”. The song depicted his struggle and was an answer to all those who were questioning him and his talent after he released a video roasting TikTok called ‘TikTok The End’. The roasting video went onto break many records, however the YouTuber received strong criticism for using certain words.

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More than 54 lakhs of people are affected by the Assam Floods in 30 districts. 81 people surrendered their lives because of the flood. Not only humans, but also animals are badly effected from the flood. 95% of the Kaziranga National Park is under water.

While, in Bihar 30 Blocks across 8 district are affected. The Bagmati river is flowing above the danger mark at Katounjha in Sitamarhi, Beniabad in Muzaffarpur and Hayaghat in Darbhanga. The Kamla Balan river is flowing above the danger mark in Jhanjharpur while the Mahananda has crossed the danger mark at Dhengraghat in Purnia. To stand by all those people affected YouTuber ‘Carryminati’ has taken a step forward.



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