NewsEntertainmentCarryMinati announces a new video "YALGAAR", response to the controversies ?

CarryMinati announces a new video “YALGAAR”, response to the controversies ?

CarryMinati today on his YouTube channel announces a new video “YALGAAR HUMARI KAHAANI”.Carryminati New Video Yalgaar

On his latest 1:44 minute YouTube video Carry informed about the new video. His last video on YouTube vs TikTok gets removed from his channel due to community guidelines violation.

Its looking like Carry upcoming video titled “YALGAAR HUMARI KAHAANI” will going to tell his side of the story on the controversial allegations about cracking jokes on LGBTQ community that start flooding in the internet after YouTube vs TikTok video removed.

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In the new 1:44 minute video He shares, how he had sleepless nights when his video got suspended. How the nervous energy took over him and how he coped with it. In this video the fans can see the emotional outburst of Ajey Nigar, when he talks about how his hands started trembling.

Lastly in video he said, “carry used to roast and carry will roast.”

The latest “YALGAAR….COMING SOON” video already crossed 1.1 million like on YouTube within 1 hour. From laat 3 video carry getting huge support from his subscriber on YouTube.

His last video “STOP MAKING ASSUMPTION” also gets massive response from viewers as the video touched 56 Million views and 8 Million likes within a week.

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