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Burj Khalifa pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi Burj Khalifa

On the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the iconic building Burj Khalifa paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by illuminating the building with Bapu’s teachings and beliefs.

This day is also regarded as the International Day Of Non Violence because of the non violence movement adopted by Gandhi to make the British government run from India.
The official Twitter account of Consulate General Of India, Dubai tweeted, “Iconic #BurjKhalifa illuminated with life and teachings of Bapu, which are as taller as Burj Khalifa. Live from @Address_Hotels.”

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Diplomats and Emirati dignitaries were present in the location to pay their respect to the Greatest Leader of the world our beloved ‘Bapu’. The skyscraper was illuminated with quotes like ‘The Future depends on what you do today’, ‘Love is the strongest force the world possess, and yet it is the humblest imaginable’. Later the Indian Tricolour and Mahatma Gandhi was displayed on the building.

Earlier in 2018 a special LED show on the Burj Khalifa marked the beginning of two year line up programmes of paying respect to the man who paved a path for all of us to follow. In 2019, again images of Gandhi and Indian flag were displayed in Burj Khalifa.



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