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Bulbbul movie review: Unexpectedly Bold & Beautiful


Disclaimer: In this Bulbbul movie review I only talked about the technical aspects, good things and bad things of the film. It’s completely a non-spoiler review.

The brand new Netflix original, Bulbbul is a story of a girl named Bulbbul(Tripti Dimri) who got married to an elder man, Indranil(Rahul Bose) at a very young age. The film revolves around Bulbbul’s life and certain events which seems very mysterious.

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The film is written and directed by Anvita Dutt. It is produced by actress Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma.


If you haven’t watched the movie yet then I will help you decide whether to watch it or not. Below here are the things which impresses and disappointes me in the film.


The film is a cinematic gold and the locations where it was shot just gives the perfect vibes for it. The house designing were on point at many place but in some specific scenes, the decorative materials felt not accurate as per the era it was set in.


Okay, this one is completely a personal opinion. The language used in the film was nice but internally I want to hear Bengoli in-between conversation because the movie was set in Bengal. Also I missed the Bengoli accent in the actor’s dialogue deliveries. Only Paoli Dam was heard saying in Bengoli, that’s not fair.


What can I say for this one. Right from the trailer I am very sure that it will be a cinematic ride and honestly it is. Sidharth Diwan poured his best work in front of us. The shots in Jungle are my favourite.


Well how will I not talk about this feature of the film. In the very first 10 minutes, I got two surprises back to back and that’s the thing which engages you with the film. There are quite a good number of surprises in the whole running time of the film that left me shocked.


The film is just 1 hour 34 minutes long which makes it a perfectly balanced package of entertainment. All I wanted to know about the story, I learned in this time interval.


The story development was very slow paced in thw first half and it really don’t interests me at all. But as the film reaches to the 40 minute mark, it just took up from there. The things starts moving actively, you beginning to like the film and at last you gets satisfied with it.


The film was advertised as a horror film but that’s not the truth. There are not at all any scene which scares me but there are scenes which left me with questions! Look the creators choose to present a story originated from Indian history and culture and the metaphors were the real scary part of the film.

At last I want to say that, all the actors did a fine job here but their real impact was felt right in the last 30 minutes. Tripti Dimri was very impressive with her role. Avinash Tiwary is also very good with his part. The supporting cast was balanced, Paoli’s character was the highlight in many scenes.

It is definitely a must watch film but only watch it for the story that Anvita is trying to tell here. Also don’t miss the ending or will feel bad.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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