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BTS’ new MV Life Goes On release time in India

Life Goes On MV first 24 hours records on YouTube
Image credit: Twitter
Life Goes On release time in India
Image courtesy: Twitter

A brand new music video of BTS is arriving this weekend worldwide. The MV which is titled as ‘Life Goes On‘ is releasing on November 20th on the ‘Big Hit Labels’ YouTube channel. Life Goes On release time in India is scheduled for 10:30AM IST.

Yesterday, BTS has dropped the first official teaser of the music video which hit 1M likes in just 36 minutes, making it the fastest MV teaser to do so. In one day, that teaser gained over 15 million views and 3.2 million likes(stats are currently frozen, data might not be accurate).


An hour ago, the second teaser of the MV was released on YouTube. So as expected it also gained a million likes in the first 43 minutes. Life Goes On is a very special project for BTS because this MV has been directed by Jeon Jung Kook and Nu Kim. Jungkook is the youngest member of the band.

Their last project ‘Dynamite‘ has shook the world with its music. BTS performed that song on several shows worldwide in the past few months. Do you know that Dynamite was viewed by over 101 million times on YouTube on the day of release, making it the most viewed video in the world in first 24 hours.

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Fans are ready to make this music video reach the same heights that of Dynamite. Their constant love & support towards BTS has proven time to time their unity & power as a fanbase. Looking at the response to Life Goes On teasers, one thing is clear, it is going to happen again.



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