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BTS rocks the MMA 2020, wins 6 awards till now


Another year, yet another feather on the cap. That’s the story of BTS, a K-POP boy band. BTS were nominated in 7 categories, Top 10 artist, Artist Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Netizen Popularity Award, Best Dance Male, Best Pop and Best Rock in MMA 2020 (Melon Music Awards). Till now they have sweeped in 6 categories and the Army is sure that, there’s yet more to come.

BTS has won in 6 major categories, Best Rock- Eight by IU, prod & ft Suga. Top 10 artist- Bonsong, Album Of The Year- Bonsong, Album Of The Year- Map of the soul 7 (Daesang), Best Dance- Male (Dynamite), Song Of The Year- Dynamite, Netizen Popularity Award.

MMA is where the BTS story began and they are back into their own den. There’s no stopping for BTS Army today, it’s matter of celebration and pride. The Global phenomenon that the boy band group has become within few years is incredible. It seems a fairytale story, but behind all these lies the hardwork, dedication, passion and of course the fans who stood by the Boys through thick and thin.

With new pictures and videos coming out from the MMA event, #BTS2020 #BTS have started trending on twitter. The boys are making the Army and themselves proud.

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