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John Cena’s admiration for BTS leaves Army spellbound

John Cena

BTS, the ruler of the hearts. The K-POP Boy Band group has become a phenomenon across the globe. With their charm, talent, humbleness and cuteness the boys have been able to get into the hearts of millions of people. Now professional wrestler and actor John Cena has also expressed his admiration and love for BTS and Army.

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In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, ‘The Tonight Show’, John Cena talked about when and how he was first introduced to BTS. He said, “When something becomes a thing, it’s open for criticism and I love what this band has done because they’re this massively popular thing. They’ve been so globally popular for so long, I was like, ‘Okay, I should probably know about this.’ When I started to look at BTS and listen to their music, I was originally drawn.”

Cena further added how their music has transcended around the world giving the message of self love, their music stands for the message they want impart. John said, “There are rappers in that crew and they use on some of their Intro tracks, bookend tracks, they use sick*** boom-bap beats and they actually rap. I was like, ‘I kinda like this, it’s great.’ I got interested in their music and then I got interested in what their music stood for. They advocate self-love, they advocate ‘Don’t be afraid of failure’, they advocate ‘You are enough.’ They are trying to shatter the stereotypical difficulties and uncomfortable situations that we go through. They are catering to an audience that is living, the young people. That’s why they are so popular around the world. One, they are great performers but it’s the message they send, it resonates with the people.” 

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Checkout the clip here:

Not only this, John also had some nice words to say about BTS Army. The BTS Army not only stan their boys, but also stand up for every cause. Time and again they have proved, why they are one of best in the world. Recently, BTS army donated million bucks for Black Lives Matter. Army follows the believes and take the lesson from their superstar boys, that is to help one another and break the stereotypes prevailing in the society.

John Cena’s high praise for BTS created a buzz across all social media platforms. When John Cena is part of Army, the haters need to think twice before messing up with BTS. People are now just hoping to see John Cena and BTS together any time soon and that will surely be something to cherish.

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The impact of BTS in the world cannot be described, it can just be felt. BTS is a reflection of hope, hardwork, persistence and being true to oneself. The millennials look upto them therefore the Boy Band group has been invited to speek at 75th United Nations General Assembly and deliver a message of hope and staying strong during tough times.


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